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Surface Grinding


This tool maker is grinding the entire top surface of a machine base to within .0004" in flatness.

State of the Art

Omega's ultra high precision TU500 way grinder is capable of generating surfaces which are straight within 40 millionths of an inch per foot of travel.

This machine allows us to grind work pieces up to 196" in length, 60 " in width and 59" in height.

The Favretto is equipped with a horizontal head for flat grinding and a universal head for angle grinding.

Omega can grind many configurations including box ways, vee ways and dovetail ways.

With the addition of the TU500, Omega stands ready to handle your rebuilding needs.

This world-class grinder combined with our state-of-the-art technology and a long tradition of craftsmanship have distinguished Omega as a leader in the manufacturing of high-quality machine tools and automation equipment.

Expand your Company's capabilities by putting Our Favretto to work for you.

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